Riviera Project

The "How to" story of how I designed and built the one-of-a-kind Riviera Trailer









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Lets start cutting!

Riviera #20

The first thing to go was the roof. Sawsazll on the "A" pillars and then the sail panels. Next up cutting the floor across behind the front seats. I cut only the floor pan not the frame. I wanted the frame to keep things level and attached to wheels.

Riviera Photo #21


Not the best photo, but this shows the first time I tested the front fender on the quarter panel.





The next two photos show how the fenders were cut to blend the the body lines from the front fender to the quarter panel. The front fender upper body line is wider than the rear quarter panel.

Riviera Photo 24









The fenders and the quarter panels were fitted, marked, and carefully trimmed many times to get them to fit correctly.