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The "How to" story of how I designed and built the one-of-a-kind Riviera Trailer









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Let's get started!

Riviera Trailer #13

So the first thing you need a good Riviera candidate. I found this car while looking for old Buick parts with my long time friend Craig New in Boulevard CA, 65 Miles east of San Diego. The car was sitting downhill flat on the frame. It had no tires or wheels. This '65 had a motor and transmission in it, not the right one, but a motor. It was was a '63 motor and trans. This was not the oddest part, the block had a hole in it!! Any way, I purchasing the car for $100.00 (1985). A few weeks later, Craig, Leonard Scott and myself returned to Boulevard to retrieve this prize.

Riviera Trailer #13

This car was bought to be parted-out. So let the parting-out begin.

Riviera Trailer 18

All the chrome was removed. The seats or what was left of them were discarded. Seven bags of rats nest were removed from under the front and rear seats.

Riviera Photo #19