Riviera Project

The "How to" story of how I designed and built the one-of-a-kind Riviera Trailer









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Creating the receiver

The hump in the floor was cut away with a torch to make the floor level. A small section was left to keep it stable, which was later removed.

Riviera Trailer #51




The top of the drive shaft tunnel was cut off.





Riviera Trailer # 60 drawing


A 6 inch square filler piece was welded into the frame to hold it all together and make a flat platform to attach the 4 inch receiver. The receiver was used so that a separate tow bar could be removed when the trailer was parked at a show.



Riviera Trailer # 55


The small square is the receiver. It is located behind the front licence plate. I also installed a rear license plate frame assembly that will pull down to insert the tow bar.

This gives the trailer a very clean look



Riviera Trailer # 56


The freshly painted trailer with the tow bar inserted.